This Season’s Final Game Of Thrones Episode Titles Hold An Important Clue

Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO
Game of Thrones is speeding towards the conclusion of its so-far quite excellent sixth season. And while it normally wouldn’t be news that the names of the last two episodes have been released, they have been, and are intriguing for a couple of very important reasons. First of all, we now know that episode nine will be entitled “Battle of the Bastards” and will air on June 19. That’s definitely a reference to the coming showdown between Ramsay Bolton and Jon Snow, possibly concluding with Jon taking back Winterfell. Given the show’s sudden and rapid turn towards the good guys actually winning for once, that’s a major possibility. It’s also possible that the show will be a single-setting episode, much like how episodes nine in season two (“Blackwater”) and four (“The Watchers on the Wall”) were major battle scenes set around a single castle. They’re also two of the best episodes of TV ever. So we have that to look forward to. Episode 10, “The Winds of Winter” will air June 26 and is also notable for three reasons. First of all, it’s the title of George R. R. Martin’s ever-upcoming book. Second, it’s clocking in at a running time of 69 minutes. That’s longer than the typical episode and could be a way forward as the show plans to shorten by a few episodes for its last two seasons. (We don’t mind if there are fewer, just make them longer. Please and thank you.) Oh, and this definitely means the Night’s King is showing up at the Wall, right? So get ready for that.

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