These Are The Netflix Shows You Can’t Help Binging

Binge-watching is the new normal in 2016. But it turns out that not all TV shows are equally binge-worthy. On Wednesday, Netflix — which is notoriously private about its viewing data — released a report on its subscribers' TV-watching habits. The streaming service analyzed viewing behavior for more than 100 serialized TV shows in nearly 200 countries. What they found may surprise you — depending on how on par you are with the average Netflix customer.
Netflix put together a binge-scale to gauge our commitment to different shows. Which ones do we gobble up, and which ones do we take our time with? It turns out that horror shows and thrillers draw us in quickly and keep us hooked. The most-binged titles include The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, The Fall, The Following, The Killing, Hemlock Grove, Bates Motel, Scream, and Z Nation. Guess we're suckers for that suspense and action.
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Meanwhile, political dramas like House of Cards, historical dramas like Mad Men and irreverent comedies like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, are more steadily consumed. For all shows, the average time it takes for us to finish a season is one week. And during a season-long binge, we watch just over two hours everyday.
Now that you know which shows you're most likely to zip through, maybe you can plan those rainy weekends a bit better... And hold off on starting The Fall during a particularly hectic week at work.

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