This Woman’s Double-Crossed Legs Are Causing An Internet Stir

If you've ever been on the New York City subway, chances are, you've seen some pretty weird things. So it may surprise you that the internet is now in a tizzy over a photo of a woman sitting on the subway with her legs crossed.
The photo was uploaded to Imgur by user SickOfFeelingNumb and has since gone viral with people freaking out over just how this woman's body is doing that.
"Excuse me, [ma'am], but some of your tentacles are showing," one user commented.
"Is that right leg even attached? WFF," pondered another. And someone else quipped, "She hasn't long now until she returns to being a mermaid."
Of course, it wasn't long before the photo became the subject of a few choice memes.
It also inspired some people to test their own flexibility.
Some of us, it seems, are just as flexible as this subway web sensation. From what we can tell, this woman's legs are obviously just really long — long enough that she can cross them and then cross them again. As one user commented on the photo, "I do this sometimes but I had no idea it looked that creepy."
The woman in question remains anonymous, but the nature of the internet dictates that she will forever go down as the "almost-mermaid." We just hope she continues sitting however she likes.
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