Meet The Whopperito, The Fast Food Mashup No One Asked For

Have we finally reached peak food mashup? We’re kind of hoping so, after getting a glimpse of Burger King’s newest invention, the Whopperito.

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Yes, it's a burger…but in the shape of a burrito. Some may look at this monstrosity and wonder why, but apparently, the culinary team behind Burger King just asked, “Why not?” (Personally, the sight of chopped up burger patties reminds me of the kind of dishes we’d be served in the cafeteria after burger day in high school.) Creative repurposing of ground beef aside, it's doubtful we have the next ramen burger on our hands. After all, the true appeal of a great mashup is when the product is greater than the sum of its parts. We haven’t tried the Whopperito (and truly have no hope to), but we doubt that simply wrapping up a Whooper in a flour tortilla will really revolutionize the burger experience. In fact, it probably just makes you miss the bun. Currently, the Whopperito is only available at select Pennsylvania Burger King locations, and, if the internet’s reaction is any indication, we might not see it anywhere else soon. (FoodBeast)

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