John Oliver Hosted The Biggest Giveaway Ever Seen On TV

John Oliver really knows how to make a statement. Since his HBO show Last Week Tonight premiered in 2014, he's been shedding light on some seriously controversial and problematic issues in the most creative ways. This week was no different. One of the segments on last night’s episode was devoted to a topic that many of us are far too familiar with: debt. In typical John Oliver fashion, the host set out to prove there is very little regulation on debt purchasing and collecting in the U.S., and this lack of regulation can be harmful for consumers. How did he prove this? By actually starting a debt-buying company. The company, which he named Central Asset Recovery Professionals — or C.A.R.P., “after the bottom-feeding fish” — purchased almost $15 million in medical debt for just $60,000. And then, in the biggest TV giveaway of all time, C.A.R.P. forgave the debt for 9,000 very lucky people.
So now, thanks to John Oliver, we have a clearer understanding of the flawed debt-buying system, and we're totally jealous of absolutely thrilled for those people who have been relieved of their medical debts. Watch the whole thing here:

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