McDonald’s Most Famous Jingle Was Written By This Rapper

McDonald's’ advertising is as ubiquitous as it is seemingly pointless. Who doesn’t know about McDonald’s? But the “I’m lovin’ it” jingle has an origin story more interesting than one might think. First, let’s watch the jingle. It’s definitely not the type of thing that you would associate with someone like, just picking a random example, a former cocaine kingpin from Norfolk turned genre-defining gangsta rapper who has also served as the subject of an amazing Kanye rant.
Well, guess what. Pusha T, current G.O.O.D. Music president, wrote the jingle. Steven Stoute, former record executive and current The Stashed​ honcho, broke the news during a Thursday interview with Hot 97. “Our first big thing was launching ‘I’m Lovin It’ for McDonald’s, that was in 2004,” Stoute said of his marketing company Translation. “You know who did that? Pusha T. That’s crazy that Pusha T wrote the song for McDonalds.” Pusha T doesn’t exactly deny the rumor. His track would have been recorded around the time that his rap group's second album, Hell Hath No Fury, was entering a label limbo that would last until 2006. So whatever he earned would have served him well in that time period. Pusha himself is taking the revelation in good spirits.
The rapper is most recently in the news for his song “Drug Dealers Anonymous,” which features Jay Z. Check out Stoute’s full interview below.

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