The Pope Loves Contouring Tutorials — For This Reason

Pope Francis isn't, like, a regular pope, he's a cool pope. (Washing prisoners' feet, acknowledging climate change, and having an Instagram account are just a few of his chill moves.) But this weekend, he solidified his millennial cool-pope cred by meeting with a crew of beauty vloggers. Yes, beauty vloggers.

As part of his continued effort to connect with the digital generation, the Pope met with 12 popular YouTubers at the Vatican this Sunday, The Guardian reported. During the meet-up, he showed a particular affinity for the beauty bunch, lauding, for example, Louise Pentland of Sprinkle of Glitter (who has almost 2.5 million followers) for her contributions. "I am glad that you carry out the type of work you said, following the line of beauty, it’s a great thing," he said. "To preach beauty and show beauty helps neutralize aggression."

He also praised the group for helping to guide those who are lost, and who might find solace in their videos. "You can create a virtual identity; you belong to this circle at least virtually," he told the crew during the 50-minute-long discussion. "From that, you can start taking a path of optimism and hope."

It's nice to know our smoky eye-tutorial addiction now has the Pope's seal of approval.

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