Here’s What You Can Expect To See In The Last Three Episodes Of This Season Of Game Of Thrones

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Season 6 of HBO's Game of Thrones is hurtling toward an exciting finale. For the first time, viewers don't know what's coming next and that has left fans scrambling for any clue as to what will become of their favorite characters. Warning: spoilers ahead for season 6! The Independent has developed a theory to satiate the audience's curiosity. It involves scouring the titles of the season's last three episodes in hopes of uncovering some idea of what the show's creators, D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, have up their sleeves. "No One" is the title of episode 608, which will obviously be all about Arya Stark, the girl who is no one. She's been in training throughout season 6, working to become a true disciple of the Many-Faced God. The eighth episode could go one of two ways: Arya completes her training and becomes no one or Arya finds out that her siblings, Sansa and Jon Snow, are gearing up for a war and joins them. Either way, we expect a major resolution to her quest. Episode 609, "Battle of Bastards," will undoubtedly involve the long-awaited battle between the resurrected bastard, Jon Snow, and the ultimate bastard, Ramsay Bolton. Will this be the episode that reveals who Jon Snow's parents are? Those who think there's no way Ned Stark is his father are certainly hoping so. The biggest spoiler of all, though, is in the title for the season finale. "The Winds of Winter" is a huge giveaway of what's to come. After battling all season to take down The Wall, it's clear that the White Walkers are prepping a full-on assault. Expect Bran Stark and the King of the Night to come face-to-face once again. Game of Thrones is full of twists, so exactly who will end this season on the Iron Throne is anyone's guess.

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