Andi Dorfman Dishes Bachelorette Advice

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The Bachelor/ette is a weird TV experience for a lot of reasons. Obviously, the ways in which to act are well-documented. It doesn't take a savant to figure out how to get a decent edit. But the emotional journey, the real emotional journey, is only accessible to a select few. Andi Dorfman is one of those few, and she offered some words of wisdom for incoming Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher in a Tuesday appearance on Good Morning America. We should note that the season has wrapped, so this advice is coming kind of late in the process. But she can always keep it in mind for Bachelor in Paradise. Dorfman's advice tended towards the practical. “I think just to have fun. It’s really easy to get lost in the moment and kind of get stressed out,” she said. “But it’s a once [in a lifetime opportunity and] experience, and just enjoy it as much as you can.” She said that the experience was a whirlwind that one needs to slow down to enjoy. “It’s definitely tiring," Dorfman said. "But it’s so much fun. Especially afterwards you’re like, ‘I just traveled the world and went to places I had no business going to.’ So it is really fun. You just gotta stop and pause.” Watch the rest of her appearance to see her dish on the process of writing her book, which she says includes anecdotes about Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis and Bachelorette winner Josh Murray.

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