This Is What Gordon Ramsay Is Like When He Cooks At Home

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has cooked for the Queen of England, Nelson Mandela, and President Clinton, but he says there’s nothing like cooking at home for his family. In anticipation of America’s best home chefs competing in the upcoming season of MasterChef, Ramsay shared a truly sweet video of himself cooking at home with his youngest daughter, Tilly, on Facebook. The video shows a softer side of the hot-tempered chef. He speaks to the camera about his commitment to being a present father and memories of Tilly as an adventurous little girl. Tilly also shares what it’s like to have a celebrity-chef dad and her favorite meals to make with Ramsay. The two are shown cooking a traditional English breakfast together, and their witty back and forth is heartwarming and hilarious. The video goes way beyond your boring old cooking demos because it was filmed with a 360 camera. This allows you to use your mouse to explore the Ramsay kitchen and beyond. Just look at that wine cellar. We love this peek inside the celebrity chef's home and his heart, but it just makes us want to be dinner guests at the Ramasy house more than ever.

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