Sophie Turner Made Up A Very NSFW Song To Sing On The X-Men Set

A movie set isn't exactly your traditional workplace. So maybe Sophie Turner's songwriting skills are safe for the set of X-Men Apocalypse (she plays Jean Grey). But you might want to avoid singing along to the Turner original "I’m Gonna Make Your Pussy Pop."
Turner's song came to the attention of the public when her X-Men co-star James McAvoy revealed in an interview with BuzzFeed that Turner would "break into song" on set. And the song she chose was her own racy, alliterative creation.

Turner confirmed this in a later interview with BuzzFeed. She even sang a little for the website. The lyrics are just what you'd expect them to be. But she really goes the extra creative mile with her use of sound effects.

X-Men Apocalypse, which will likely not contain said song (though you never know what that post-credits scene could hold), will be released on May 27.

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