This Tear-jerking TV Trailer Is Breaking The Internet

Photo: Ron Batzdorff/NBC.
You're going to need a Kleenex to watch this gripping new trailer from NBC. The first tear-jerking snippet for This Is Us is blowing up the internet with more than 5.9 million views on YouTube so far. For context, Hello Giggles points out that DC's highly anticipated Legends of Tomorrow only has 4.1 million. While the drama definitely piles on the star power, with Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia taking the leads, it's gone viral for a different reason: It tugs at the heartstrings. This Is Us is set up like Valentine's Day or He's Just Not That Into You, so viewers get to see multiple characters navigating their seemingly unconnected lives. However, each character is trying to overcome tragedy. For instance, Moore and Ventimiglia are a couple expecting triplets. She goes into labor and one of the babies dies. Another character is trying to become comfortable with herself, no matter how much she weighs. In one of the most gut-wrenching parts of the trailer, a dad is trying to find the father who abandoned him. In the trailer, he finally tracks him down — and their confrontation is one of the TV ages. If this trailer is any indication, NBC has definitely got a gem on its hands. Watch the emotional trailer, below.

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