McDonald’s Is Giving Away Golden Fries

McDonald’s is offering a promotion that they hope is more Willy Wonka than Goldmember. The fast food giant will be offering a Japanese customer a box of gold fries. Yes, you read that correctly. So far, the only information they’ve offered about the fries has been a single image.
The contest is a lottery entry for a "Gold McFry Potato," according to Rocketnews24. We're not entirely sure what that means, but we're interested. We also don't know how many karats, how many fries, or really anything about the offer other than it’s fries and they’re golden. They might even be edible. The campaign hashtag #ポテ撮り (pronounced #potetori) campaign translates to “#potato-taking.” That's a pun on the Japanese word “tori,” “to take,” which doubles as it does in English to mean both the taking of an item and the taking of a picture. So it's a taking of a picture and also the taking of a potato. Pretty clever, McDonald's. In order to enter, people have to download a special app and post an image that looks like fries. The app has a filter which places the fries in a carton before it’s captured and posted. It’s only been out for a day, but Twitter is already filled with images. Some of them are pretty good. The contest only runs until June 7, so get snapping.

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