This Is What Desiigner Is Actually Saying In “Panda”

Ever wonder what Desiigner is really saying on his hit song "Panda"? Don't worry, you're not alone. That's why Genius had Desiigner read all of the words that are in his latest track in a new video, complete with subtitles. “You wanna know exactly what I’m saying," the 19-year-old Brooklyn native says in the clip. "So now I’m telling you what I’m saying, real slow and real simple."
Desiigner, who admits that "Panda" is hard to understand, lays out the hook, which is, for the record, "Black X6 Phantom/ White X6, look like a panda." So no, he doesn't say "Legacy" or "Legolas" or basically anything else you thought you heard. Got it? Desiigner told Fader he got inspiration for the song after playing Grand Theft Auto, hence all the car references. Of course, even during this tutorial, Desiigner has a bit of trouble keeping things real slow and real simple, but the captioning does make it a bit easier to follow along. Now you can sing Desiigner's latest hit as loud as you want, fully aware that you're singing it correctly. You may want to pass this video to your "Panda" loving friends though so they can do the same.

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