Want To Know When To Change Your Tampon? There’s Now An App For That

The trusty old tampon is getting a high-tech, if not slightly strange, makeover. Thanks to my.Flow, tampons can now be a part of the period-tracking process. The startup has created a tampon that connects to an app via bluetooth so that you can track your period's cycle and monitor your tampon's saturation, and know exactly when it's time to change it. How can an app know so much, you ask? Here's where things get a little strange: As Gizmodo reports, my.Flow's tampons have an extra long string (six to 12 inches) designed to connect to a bluetooth monitor you clip to your pants or carry in your pocket. And while this may conjure images of your dad's cell phone belt clips, it's actually less practical than those contraptions. The my.Flow monitor is attached to your tampon's string, so from what we can tell, it seems like how you sit, adjust your pants, and move in general could cause a very unpleasant chain reaction (or just an unfortunate stain). Aside from the tricky clip-on monitor, my.Flow has a shot at abating a major menstrual concern. Leaks happen, and it'd certainly be nice if our phones could let us know when they were coming. "Women need this, because we can't check how full our tampons are, so we err on the side of taking them out prematurely — which is not only wasteful, but also quite physically uncomfortable," cofounder and CEO Amanda Brief told Refinery29. According to Brief, my.Flow should help women feel more in tune with their bodies, the same way that fitness trackers and heart monitors can. In this case, you can set the app to notify you when your tampon is 25%, 50%, or 75% full, and time your switch accurately. "Some women know their flow well, which is awesome," Brief said. "Our product is for those that do not, or would like to learn and track more." Although my.Flow's tampons and monitor are not on the market yet, the team behind the system has presented it around the world and is continuing to develop it. This should give you enough time to think about how comfortable you are with the idea of adding a tech-enabled device to your period routine.

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