A New Game Of Thrones Fan Theory Wants You To Worry About Rickon

Another day, another Game of Thrones fan theory. The youngest Stark child, Rickon, resurfaced during the third episode of the season after a long absence. If you'll recall, Jon Umber presented Rickon as an offering to Ramsay Bolton, along with the decapitated head of Rickon's dire wolf, Shaggydog. So, yeah, things aren't looking good for the kid.
Now, a theory suggests that a very specific sort of harm is going to come Rickon's way. The theory, which was posted to Reddit by user Aludiana and brought to our attention by Mashable, posits that Rickon's fate may be found in a scene featuring his sister, Arya. In "Oathbreaker," the Waif asks Arya about her brothers. After she says their names, the Waif hits her. Aludiana notes that the blows following her mentions of Robb and Bran seem to meet her body in such a way that recall the manners in which those two characters were killed and harmed, respectively. When Arya says Rickon's name she is hit in the legs. "I'd like to think the strike to her leg is foreshadowing a leg injury for Rickon in the near future — which shouldn't be a mortal wound for those concerned about his welfare this season," Aludiana writes. A blogger picked up on this theory and made a GIF that breaks it down, adding the Hound to the mix.
So, if this is any indication of what's to come, Rickon better watch his stems. Rickon-related speculation is running rampant. Earlier this week, Rickon actor Art Parkinson shut down the notion that Shaggydog is alive, but he didn't convince the likes of Reddit user DanDampspear, who ascribes to an extensive theory arguing that Umber is actually working against Ramsay Bolton.

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