Meghan Trainor Fell On The Tonight Show & Took It Like A Champ

Meghan Trainor might be nursing a few bumps and bruises this morning. The singer made it all the way through her performance of "Me Too" on last night's Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon — and then gravity decided to intervene.

The Grammy winner was just finishing up when she grabbed her mic stand. She wobbled on her sky-high platform heels, but couldn't quite regain her balance. In the end, she decided to fully commit to the fall, staying on the floor like a glittery snow angel. Girl, we have so been there.

Fallon couldn't help but laugh, but did join his musical guest on the floor as a show of support. If you listen closely to the clip below, you can hear Trainor apologizing for falling. As if the person responsible isn't the stylist who stuck those death traps on her poor feet.

Trainer can at least laugh off the incident. Here's her Instagram post, owning her clumsiness, followed by video of the fall.

Video: Courtesy of NBC.

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