These Cakes Are So Perfect You Can See Reflections In The Frosting

Olga Noskova isn’t just a cake baker, she’s a cake artist. Don't believe us? She's got over 101,000 Instagram followers to prove it. What makes her cakes so unique? The icing is so perfectly glossy that you can see your own reflection on each cake. The lustrous surfaces of Noskova's cakes are so satisfying to look at, we totally get why so many people are completely obsessed with her photos. They're totally changing our definition of "mirror pic." Is anyone else dying to take a #cakeselfie?

Просто торт??? #за5секдоготовности#

A photo posted by Ольга (@olganoskovaa) on

Нежнятина? Облака всегда заглядывают в ваши торты??

A photo posted by Ольга (@olganoskovaa) on

Backstage✌️ Как блестит✨?

A photo posted by Ольга (@olganoskovaa) on

Thanks to Noskova, we finally know the answer to that age old question, "Magic mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in the land?" It's these flawlessly reflective cakes! (Buzzfeed)

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