How Much Your Starbucks Habit Costs Around The Globe

Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks.
Those daily trips to Starbucks can really add up, but it looks like we should count ourselves lucky that our frequent caffeine runs aren’t taking place in Zurich or Brussels. That’s according to a map released by Thrillist, which shows the cost of a Starbucks grande latte in 30 countries around the world. The coffee chain currently operates in over 70 countries with over 24,000 locations, but it looks like the prices on coffee vary depending on where in the world you're ordering.
Thrillist called a bunch of international Starbucks locations in order to find the prices. Then, the site calculated the exchange rate to make it easy for you to evaluate just how much you’ll need to add to your next travel budget.
Getting a caffeine boost before hitting the beach in Cancun, Mexico, will cost you a whopping $6.06. But if you’re planning on heading to Rio for the upcoming Olympics, you’ll only have to spend $1.49 for each frothy cup of Joe. And while sticking to domestic travels might mean spending less, the same beverage in Miami is on the higher side, at $5.08. From euros to pesos, now you’ll know where you’ll have to splurge on that java habit.

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