I’ll Always Love Trendy, Viral Foods No Matter How Obnoxious They Are

The internet is buzzing about a new doughnut trend. Like most viral food items, the Italian cookie doughnut (the breakfast pastry layered in the green, red, and gold colors you associate with the bakery staple, the Italian rainbow cookie) has actually been around for longer than its newfound net fame. According to NJ.com, the treat has been served up at New Jersey bakery, Glaze Donuts, for over a year. But, with photos of the treat spreading and inspiring doughnut pilgrimages, there will be massive lines and think pieces wondering when the doughnut (or bagel or milkshake) trend will end. I hope there's a new wacky, inventive offshoot of the cronut every week, though.

Sunday. Rainbow. Sunday. ?: @cleansheeets

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As an anti-foodie (to be clear, foodies are fine and everyone should feel free to get excited about their passions — I'm using the term to describe someone who has dry cereal for multiple meals a day, and enjoys it), I don't feel protective of the foods some commenters feel are being abused by inventive chefs trying to make the next Insta-famous dish.
You want to stick a piece of cake in your milkshake? I say go for it. Make a cupcake into a macaroon into a lollipop with some kind of sugar magic? Sounds amazing. Each new trend means more variety on your Instagram feed, and another possible brunch adventure. And the truly unappetizing-looking creations? Important food-comedy fodder.

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