Grey’s Anatomy Season 12, Episode 22 Recap: Splitting The Baby

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
This week on Grey's Anatomy, Callie and Arizona are going to custody court. Arizona seems bizarrely comforted by having Richard as a character witness. I know in the world of the hospital, he's a kind advice dispensary, but she must realize that, in court, they can call out his alcoholism and the fact that he first learned of his own daughter's existence thirtysomething years after the fact, right? At the hearing, the judge wants all the docs to know that it isn't a popularity contest. No one has ever said that when it wasn't a lie.
First up, Owen gushes about Callie. It isn't really a relationship that's been explored before, but still sweet. DeLuca, a.k.a. Arizona's roommate, is able to say nice things about Arizona and Sophia. And at first, Penny passes the "Sophia's favorite things" quiz, but gets tripped up eventually. I know it's a high-stress situation, but, as a doctor, shouldn't she have a great memory?
Bailey, on the stand, calls for an objection and speculation, which is amazing and makes me think Bailey watches a lot of Law & Order on her days off. When opposing counsel pulls out Arizona's emergency surgery schedule as a negative, Bailey goes full-on girl power, saying they wouldn't suggest that about a father's work schedule.
Drinking with Jo and Ben, Stephanie decides to drunk-dial Kyle to un-break-up with him. Luckily (or unluckily) Jo stops her. But he still makes an appearance this episode, back in the ER with (maybe?) meningitis. But he has no time for the woman who broke up with him via note as he recovered from surgery. Elsewhere in the bar, Jackson and April very calmly and quietly attempt to figure out the custody of their baby. There are looks. They're totally getting back together. On day two of the custody battle, Arizona drops off a cranky Sophia at Mer's house, with the kid saying she hates her. Way to set the mood, Sophia. Once Webber's on the stand, they get out the log of their trivia nights together, with Callie's lawyer saying she's away from her daughter, drinking, flirting, and saving babies too often.
Arizona makes an impassioned speech about how she chose motherhood on the stand, but is called away for an emergency surgery. But it's her departing speech, saying she knows Sophia will be okay with her or Callie, that might have won her the support of the judge. Because in the end, Callie's crying in Mer's kitchen, and Arizona is taking Sophia home. And, on a related note, it looks like Callie might blame this all on Penny. Poor Penny.

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