Sonia Castaneda & The Cultural Baggage Of Looking Good

Naked Truths is a series where we ask cultural influencers, makeup artists, and badass women about their relationship with self-confidence while they remove their makeup. Sonia Castaneda isn't just representing herself or her family when she walks out the door. For her, the importance of looking good is tied to something bigger than vanity. She is representing her proud Mexican culture, as well. Castaneda uses makeup to enhance her features. On top of feeling like she has to carry a flag on her shoulder when she is in public, Castaneda feels as though she can't have a sad day. She is constantly getting attacked on YouTube for her appearance, but isn't allowed to feel upset, because more comments will roll in. Even on her most body-positive days, negative comments on her beauty and lifestyle videos remind her that she isn't a blonde, blue-eyed doll. Some say that it's just how the internet works — but it shouldn't be that way. Watch as Castaneda opens up about her body image and how she fights for a place in the YouTube space through all the negativity.

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