Prepare Yourself For The Pizza Bomb (Sorry, No Slices)

If you’ve ever looked at pizza and wished it was more…“on fire,” we have amazing news for you. Seoul restaurant The Place has weaponized pizza by combining the DNA strands with that of a Baked Alaska to create the Pizza Bomb. While the dish doesn’t actually explode, it does get covered in alcohol and lit on fire. Just as the ancient Italians intended.
Look at that thing. It’s so on fire. That’s, like, the most on fire it could possibly be. The crust even gets in on the action with its dramatic squid ink-assisted red or black coloration. After the thing is engulfed in flames, a restaurant employee cuts off the dome and, bam, you got a pizza.

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The bomb works by using the heat of the fire to melt the cheese, which results in chewy pizza goodness. It’s not that complicated. Some people say it surpasses their expectations, others say it tastes of ash. Honestly we’re just mad that we have to fly all the way to South Korea to get it. But we assume that it’s safer than trying to build a pizza bomb at home.

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