Nailbot Prints Nail Art With Your Phone

We’re in a world where technology always seems to be blending into our lives. Now, we even have a solution to instant decorative nails. Say hello to the Nailbot, the first nail art printing robot. And all you need is your smartphone to nail your next manicure decoration.
Pree Walia, co-founder and CEO of Preemadonna, spoke with Refinery29 about the Nailbot and its mission. “Our mission is to meet girls with creative technology that they will love using,” Walia said. She added that the Nailbot is a great tool for creative expression for young girls and boys.
So how does it work? Just prep your nails with a light base coat and a pre-print coat, place your phone in the Nailbot cradle, select an image from your phone, then print and seal the image with a top coat. You can choose your nail designs from your camera roll, the Preemadonna gallery, the licensed art section, or create your own nail art with the Nailbot app.
“We are learning more and more about what people like to print and wear on their nails,” Walia said. “Junk food emojis are very popular…but a lot of folks want to print pictures of their dogs, cats or even best friends,” she added.
Walia said the company is working on building art galleries in the app. “With our Artist Ambassador program, Ambassadors and users, girls especially, will use digital software programs to design Nailbot nail art,” Walia told Refinery29. Preemadonna is also partnered with nonprofits including MakerGirl in which college women will be teaching young girls about the DIY Maker Kit this summer. For now, the Nailbot is in the hands of early beta Nailbot testers, but you can join the waitlist to receive updates for the next set of pre-orders, which will be early Fall 2016. As for future developments, Walia hopes to have the Nailbot in every house, and “eventually introduce a Nailbot that paints your entire nail with fingernail polish.” “We turned your smartphone into a personal nail salon,” Walia said. “We also can't wait to see what people do with the Nailbot. It's really a platform for creativity. So your mind is the limit."

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