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Tech Interns Make Almost $125,000 A Year

We’ve always known that Silicon Valley was a modern-day gold rush, but a recent study conducted by a UC Berkeley student has our mouths agape. Rodney Folz conducted his survey by polling current interns, computer science students, and Facebook groups and listservs with coding focuses. He used his data to compile a rough list, writes Tech Insider.
It’s quite eye-opening, in the way that being woken up with a cold bath is eye-opening. Two Sigma, a tech investment company, leads the way with a nearly-$125,000, but Snapchat isn’t far behind. The typical rate seems slightly less than that, with startups offering around $7,000 and more established companies coming in around $6,000 with benefits. However, because the survey was collected online and without verification, it’s possible that the results are a little skewed. Still, they jibe with what Tiffany Zhong, who became a venture capitalist as a teenager, found in 2014.
So basically, the plot of The Internship is real and we should all try to become software engineers at Google. Let's do it!

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