Kim Kardashian Plays Fact Or Fiction With Her Craziest Headlines

Photo: Denise Truscello/WireImage.
Kim Kardashian recently Googled herself for the first time in years (she swears!) and noticed there were quite a few ridiculous headlines about her that are absolutely false.

In hopes to set the record straight, Kardashian posted a new video to her website that attempts to separate fact from fiction. To no surprise, most of these headlines are fiction, including the one that claims her husband Kanye West is more in love with her mom, Kris Jenner, than her.

So no, she and West are not living separate lives, they're doing just fine. Kardashian admits this is the "most calm" relationship she's been in. And no, she's not suing her little sister, Kylie Jenner, for stealing her style. And no, her butt isn't 55 inches, it's 12 inches, in case you want to know.

But, the story Kardashian would really like to set straight is a headline that said she ignored North West as she fell to the ground.

The thing is, North never really fell, it only looked as if she did in the photo a paparazzo snapped. It's the same photo in which Kardashian looks like she's too busy to even notice her daughter's tumble.

"I was like 'Northy, come on, stop,'" Kardashian says, explaining that her daughter likes to swing her body back and forth when she's holding hands with someone. "So I got my keys and went to look forward and they got a picture of her being silly."

Silly in this case means it looked like North had fallen onto her knees, but Kardashian's little one was just "messing around" like kids tends to do. However, it turned into something less playful. "It's like 'Kim doesn't even turn around. She doesn't even care,'" Kardashian said of the headline. "And I was like, "Ugh, get a life.'"

The lesson of this game is clear, don't believe the headlines, or even the photos, because most of them are entirely made up.

Fortunately for her though, Kardashian now gets the last say. And that's a #FACT.

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