Your Favorite Discontinued '90s Snack Is Coming Back

Photo: Courtesy of Coca-Cola.
The '90s saw a lot of fallen snacks. Squeeze-Its. Crispy M&Ms. That slightly unsettling purple ketchup. Without a possibly very dicey eBay purchase, there's no way to re-live your third grade culinary favorites if they were scrapped. But if you have fond memories of enjoying your PB&J with a juice box full of green slime, you can once again quench your lunchtime thirst with a refreshing sip of Hi-C Ecto Cooler.

Yes, the juice box with the green monster-ghost creature that dominated lunch boxes from 1987 to 2001 is coming back this spring, to tie into the Ghostbusters reboot. The first wave of the relaunch will hit shelves on May 30. You can get your Ecto Cooler fix in the traditional box or can. According to photos released by Hi-C parent company Coca-Cola, the new packaging won't feature the trademarked green Slimer. Instead, there will be a "thermal ink" that changes colors based on temperature. As much as we'll miss Slimer's mug, we guess we should let the next generation make their own Ecto memories.

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