This Half-Million Dollar Garden Shack Is Peak Brooklyn

Photo: Getty Images
If we told you that you could get a freestanding building in Brooklyn for under $500,000, you would laugh.

“That’s impossible,” you would say. “Nobody would be so foolish as to sell something so valuable for so little.”

You’d also be wrong. This Bensonhurst “One Family Detached With Private Drive” is indeed free standing and is indeed under half-a-mil, but it’s also…well, it’s a shack. Pretty much no other way to put it. It’s a garden shed that’s been converted into real estate. Now, there are some things to recommend it. It’s in a pretty good neighborhood. It’s affordable (kind of). It’s got ample parking, which is a rarity in Brooklyn.

But it’s, well...a garden shed.

You could buy it! You should, actually, and create a fabulously exclusive and expensive nightclub for those that live on either side. The ultimate clubhouse, really. Just make sure before you make too many plans that it’s still on the market. Real estate goes fast in New York.


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