The Biggest Unanswered Questions Going Into Game Of Thrones

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It's time to jump back into Game of Thrones, with the launch of season 6 coming on Sunday night. And this time, there will be no spoilers for those who have been reading the books; this season marks the line where the show catches up to George R.R. Martin's published work. If there is another Red Wedding — and let's not kid ourselves, there will be — we will all be shocked together. In advance of your re-immersion into the world of Westeros and what lies beyond the wall, here's a breakdown of the biggest unanswered questions at the end of season 5.
Where will Sansa go now that she's escaped Winterfell? And can she really be free of her second-worst husband, Ramsay Bolton (Joffrey is still #1)? She escaped Winterfell while Ramsay and his father prepared for an impending attack from Stannis (who is dead, so that was needless). She managed to convert her childhood friend, Theon Greyjoy, back into a human boy in the process, causing him to kill the kennel girl/Ramsay's sick crush, Myranda, so they could escape. This will undoubtedly put them at the top of the most wanted list for all of Winterfell and, most ominiously, Ramsay. Returning home to House Stark in the North is not safe, Westeros is not safe — so will she take to the wall? Will Arya regain her sight? She went blind for using the faces to mark off a name on her list. She disappointed her mentor, Jaqen. And as punishment for using the faces when she was not yet no one, the God of Many Faces has taken her eyesight. What will she have to do to regain it? Does this mean she'll be forced to give up her quest for revenge? And since she has been instructed to replace the life she took with another, who will Arya kill? Will King's Landing and Dorne go to war? After Cersei was forced to send her daughter (er, concieved with brother Jaime, like all of her children), Myrcella, to Dorne and after Prince Oberyn Martell of Dorne was killed, will the Lannisters of King's Landing be forced into a war with the people of Dorne? Are the Dothraki going to save Dani or kill her? After that wild ride on her dragon, Dany found herself in a field...somewhere. Then, out of the ether, a slew of Dothraki show up and surround her. She didn't leave her relationship with the people in such a great place, but she is their Khaleesi. Either way, she dropped her ring, so hopefully Ser Jorah and Daario can locate her...quickly. What does the High Sparrow want? He forced Cersei to confess her sins and then sent her on a penance walk that none of us will ever forget. He has taken on the highest of the high court in Westeros. He would say it's for the sake of equality, but his actions have put him at the center of a powder keg of political intrigue.
Is Jon Snow dead? This gets its own primer; in short, we certainly hope so.

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