12 New Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Phrases To Improve Your Vocabulary

In Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, our heroine sometimes drops outdated phrases. Nearly everything she says feels like an excerpt from your inner monologue, circa 1994. And in the second season of the Netflix show, her wordsmith ways become infectious. Nearly the entire cast gives us a new set of sayings. We're calling it Unbreakable Kimmy Slang.
It's kind of perfect that Kimmy comes out with her own vocabulary. The world doesn't always get her. And she doesn't always get the world. So her "wing it" attitude translates to, "Fine. I'll just make my own words for stuff." And if you spend enough time around Kimmy (and her posse), it's easy to see why you'd come up with an alternate usage for, say, MILF. Check out the video for 12 terms that don't exist in the real world we live in, but totally should. And before you start binge-watching, maybe brush up on some of the Kimmy-isms from season one.
Midnight Eastern Gay Time: 3 a.m.
MILF: My Interesting Lady Friends
Talbotsing: When your fashion sense abandons its will to exist
Crotch Fruit: Your kid(s)
Outside Bones: Teeth
Contraption Workers: Construction workers
Pocket Butthole: A scrunchie that happens to be in your pocket
Slut Burger: A sick burn delivered unto yourself only when you're lying
Ohio shower: Basically just wipes
Massive C Word: Class act
The Three Bs: Bourbon, burgers, bus boys
GABJARBOUYOU: Because I care about you

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