“Point Your Finger A Lot” — The Huntsman: Winter’s War Cast Gives Us Hilarious Life Advice

We all want to self-actualize, and the elaborately costumed characters of The Huntsman: Winter’s War — the prequel/sequel/whatever to 2012’s Snow White and the Huntsman — are no exception. Charlize Theron’s evil queen and Emily Blunt’s ice queen refuse to stop glaring at each other in metallic gowns until one of them melts or shatters, while Chris Hemsworth’s huntsman Eric and Jessica Chastain’s warrior Sara fight like hell against forest goblins and frozen owls for the chance to ditch their embellished leather tunics in peace and just get it on already. Whether it’s power or love they seek, one thing is constant: These gilded bitches are downright inspiring. As I emerged from the Winter’s War screening vowing to invest in fingernail daggers and ride a polar bear to the office, new aspirations oozed out of me like a potentially destructive puddle of gold. Can anyone be a queen? If all I do is work, can I still find love? Is that weird mirror over there...lying to me?! And so, with these questions burning within me, I headed to the film’s press junket to get answers — invaluable life advice, really — straight from the sources.

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