This Teen Took Senior Photos At Taco Bell & They’re Fantastic

Young people today love their selfies. It seems average high schoolers capture every important and not-so-important moment of adolescence on their phones. So teenagers are now faced with the pressure to make their senior portraits stand out not only from their peers', but from the crush of their own albums. So, you can see why one student decided to take formal photographs using Taco Bell as the backdrop.
The Daily Dot spoke to one Nathaniel Smith, whose final year of high school will forever be immortalized in the cheesy glow of the taco chain. What lead him to pose there, looking lovingly at a meat-filled shell? Smith explained that a combo of history and camaraderie fuels his affection for the restaurant. "My friends and I LOVEEEE Taco Bell. We would go regularly [two or three] times a week! We went on Christmas and did a gift exchange under the mini tree they had. We are just always there," he told The Daily Dot. Smith isn't the only one who's had this idea. In 2015, high schooler Brittany Nicole Creech tweeted out her senior photos with the caption, "remember when I told you guys I was gonna get my senior pictures at taco bell and you thought I was joking."
These are the kind of portraits that will really spark conversations, years later, when these kids bring significant others home for the first time.

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