Samantha Bee Helpfully Explains Superdelegates

Gregory Pace/REX/Shutterstock
The Democratic Primary has heated up to the point of supernova in the past week, with both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton getting their millionth wind for the home stretch of the voting process. However, a major hot button issue throughout the campaign has been the apportionment of delegates and so-called “superdelegates.” Sanders supporters have long lamented that Hillary’s early lead was due to superdelegates. Hillary now says that Sanders is attempting to rig the system by courting those same superdelegates. What the hell are they talking about? While we’ve explained the difference in the past, we’re not nearly so engaging as Samantha Bee. She dedicated the opening of this week’s Full Frontal to the ongoing race for superdelegate supremacy. Basically, she sources the need for superdelegates to the 1968 Democratic convention. Party leaders at that convention nominated Hubert Humphrey against the wishes of the electorate. There was some slight rioting, though superdelegates didn’t come into full existence until 1982. Their only job is to act in the best interests of the party, which essentially means that they vote along party lines. Except when the party messes up, in which case they are empowered to right the course. Watch below.

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