Former Producer Files Lawsuit Over Gilmore Girls Revival

Michael Caulfield Archive
Only one man seems unhappy that the Netflix Gilmore Girls revival is underway. In a lawsuit filed April 8, former executive producer Gavin Polone has filed suit alleging that the studio is breaching contract by denying him payment for the four upcoming episodes. Polone says, in his lawsuit, that he needs payment for the Netflix episodes as they fall under the contract he signed to produce the series when it ran on WB. His suit alleges that Warner Bros. TV won’t compensate Polone for the new episodes. Warner Bros. TV says the new episodes are derivative works and therefore not covered by the original contract. “Upon learning that production had begun on the Subsequent Episodes, plaintiff’s representative reached out to defendant regarding plaintiff’s compensation under the Operative Agreement,” the suit says. “Defendant refuses to compensate plaintiff in any way for the Subsequent Episodes of Gilmore Girls. Defendant argues that the Subsequent Episodes do not fall under the terms of the Operative Agreement, making the absurd claim that the Subsequent Episodes are derivative works based on the television series Gilmore Girls. Defendant also appears to erroneously believe the Subsequent Episodes are not considered a ‘television series’ because they are being produced for Netflix, rather than a traditional broadcast network.” Polone’s suit is for $195,000 in damages. Gilmore Girls has released preview images but does not yet have a release date. Read the full suit below, as obtained by Mashable.

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