Update: And The New M&M Flavor Is...

Update: The votes are in, and America has selected the next M&M's flavor. In a press release, M&M's revealed that over one million votes were cast to select coffee nut as the winner. It will be available nationwide in August.

This story was originally published April 7, 2016.
M&M’s wants your vote. And no, it hasn’t announced that Red is seeking the third-party ticket left open by Bloomberg (though Green would totally get our vote for the executive). This election is about the fate of our candy aisles — namely, which new peanut M&M variety should become a permanent part of the company’s offerings.
Vying for your loyalty? Coffee Nut, Honey Nut, and Chili Nut. Curious to see what they really taste like, we ran out to Duane Reade to pick some up (and got a regular pack of peanut M&Ms, you know, for control testing).
The verdict? I am sticking with regular peanut M&M's. All three new varieties start out pretty normal, but then, as your teeth hit the peanut, a weird flavor fills your mouth. Whether it’s a mouth-burning spice sensation or a slightly chemical approximation of honey or coffee, it’s strange, not to mention jarring. Some of my coworkers were more swayed, but when asked how the new tastes stacked up against classic peanut, no one hesitated. The original still won by a mile.

So if I was asked to endorse a candidate for M&M's 2016, which would I choose? I’m tempted to tell you to skip voting altogether, though I don’t want voter apathy to result in the Donald Trump of M&Ms to become permanently available (chili). If I had to pick one, I’d say go with coffee nut. While it’s not as good as other coffee chocolates I’ve tried, at least it doesn’t burn the back of my throat.

You can vote for your favorite of the three M&M flavors now through June 17. No purchase is necessary, so it's totally possible to be an ill-informed voter.

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