H&M’s Conscious Exclusive Collection Is (Finally!) Here

At the Academy Awards in February, Vanessa Hudgens gave the world a sneak peek of H&M's forthcoming Conscious Exclusive collection — an offering of higher-end, eco-friendly pieces that aim to bridge the gap between style and sustainability. Nearly two months later, the selection, which was inspired by the costume archives at Paris' Musées des Arts Décoratifs (where H&M is currently sponsoring an exhibit that highlights three centuries of French fashion) has finally hit stores and virtual shelves.
"We wanted to show that you can make beautiful things out of sustainable materials," H&M's head of design, Ann-Sofie Johansson, told Refinery29 of the collection. "For many people, they just want to buy into the fashion, and the sustainability part is just added value. But, hopefully [our customers] will learn something more, and be interested in sustainability also. I think people are so aware today. The younger generations want to know how their clothes are produced."
The main goal of the Conscious Exclusive collection is, of course, to shed light on how clothes are made: The factories used to produce pieces, the materials they're made of, and how those textiles are sourced. But in the process, the resulting 30-plus items totally break the stigma that eco-friendly clothing can't look good. Click through to shop the selection in its entirety — the goods ahead aren't just beautiful, they're also a pretty good case for caring just as much about where your shirts, pants, and more come from as how they look.

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