10 Surprising Things That Happened When Mario Batali Cooked For Aziz Ansari

Photo: Courtesy of Munchies.
Watching chefs prepare meals is seriously intimidating. Not only does every dish turn out perfectly, it also seems like the pros have an invisible dish fairy that does all their cleaning. When I have friends over for dinner, I get distracted from cooking, things get burnt, the fire alarm goes off, and the dishes? Well, let’s just say I have more of an invisible dish Beelzebub. But today, I caught a cooking segment hosted by chef Mario Batali that was refreshingly realistic. In this Munchies special, dubbed Masters of Lunch, Batali cooks for Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang (executive producer and Ansari's co-creator of Masters of None). Not only did I learn how to cook some delicious-looking (and approachable) dishes, I also realized that sometimes chefs are just like us. Here are 10 things I now know are totally fine to do in the kitchen, because Mario does them, too: 1. Opening a wine bottle with your teeth. 2. Drinking while cooking. 3. Drinking right from the bottle while cooking. 4. Using pre–made tomato sauce. 5. Jamming out to Lil Wayne’s “Make it rain” while sprinkling salt into a pot. 6. Saying "mother fucker" — A LOT. 7. Eating your food before you cook it and while you cook it. 8. Finding wine tasting kind of pretentious and needlessly confusing. 9. Whispering “oh yeah, baby” to yourself as you plate your dish. 10. Totally covering your counter with dirty dishes. Check out "Masters of Lunch," below.

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