The Powerpuff Girls’ New Villain Is Called “Manboy” Because, Duh

Photo: Moviestore Collection/REX/Shutterstock.
In an age where glass ceilings still exist, and female superheroes are still seen through the male gaze, the Powerpuff Girls are a welcome nostalgic treat. The perky, ass-kicking girls are back, and have new villains to set straight. And this time, the creators are taking cues from real-life villains — misogynistic men. A "man-boy" is the less mature version of the "fuck boi," and he appears as a real-life antagonist in many girls' lives, either as a classmate, an acquaintance, or a coworker. He's the guy who is so focused on being a "man" that he stomps all over women to maintain his ego. Or, in the case of the Cartoon Network series, he stomps all over everyone because "Townsville needs to get back to its manly roots!" Manboy has "all the power of a man, in the body of a boy" he explains while clad in a lumberjack outfit. The show's creators, executive producer Nick Jennings and co-executive producer Bob Boyle, explained to the LA Times that Manboy's character came to fruition because he was an obvious "perfect villain. He's an old-thinking type of male character set into this modern-day world." In another clip from the series reboot, which premiered its first episode on April 4, Manboy is taunting Buttercup by telling her sexist remark after sexist remark. He calls her "princess," while telling her that her "girly ways" are no match for his manliness. And then, after she whoops his ass, his fading voice yells, "You throw like a girl!" The exaggerated masculinity of the small boy will be comedic to children, relatable to older viewers, and, hopefully, eye-opening to all.

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