The BFG Is Back In A Big F**king Movie

Another one of Roald Dahl's magical tales is coming to the big screen and it's quite a BIG deal. Disney has released the first trailer for the upcoming adaptation of The BFG. Not only does the film have a major studio backing it, a major director is also at its helm: Steven Spielberg. Also, Mark Rylance — who won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Bridge Of Spies this year — voices the BFG himself. The July 1 release seems to be loaded with fantastical special effects, not unlike the CGI magic of Harry Potter. (That probably also has something to do with the John Williams score.) The giants look, well, pretty damn large — and incredibly realistic. Though it's been a very long time since I've read the classic book, from what I remember there wasn't quite so much magnificent action. Let's just say that if the adaptation is as loyal to the book as Tim Burton's Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory was to the original, The BFG is going to be quite different from the one of our childhoods. Though either way, it's bound to be a BFB (Big Fucking Blockbuster).

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