Kourtney Kardashian Makes Her Own Almond Milk

It looks like Gwyneth Paltrow isn't the only celeb that likes to make her own smoothies in the morning. Kourtney Kardashian just joined the smoothie-recipe sharing club via a new post on her website today.
Kardashian dubbed the six-minute, seven-ingredient drink her "Sweet and Spicy Smoothie." The spicy part comes from what you might refer to as the secret ingredient — a dash of cardamom — although we've never found cardamom to be particularly spicy. The most surprising part of the recipe is that Kourtney Kardashian makes her own almond milk from scratch. "I make my own almond milk, but you can also buy it," she explains in the post. She didn't give us a tutorial, but perhaps that'll be the next recipe on her app. Almond milk-making aside, Kardashian's drink actually sounds pretty doable and delicious. Maybe there's a smoothie shop in her future, complete with its very own reality show.

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