This Grey's Anatomy Actor Is Totally Behind This Controversial Relationship

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Grey's Anatomy fans who thought Jackon and April (Japril, if you will) were meant to be still haven't recovered from the emotional roller coaster that was "Unbreak My Heart." But the news of a Japril baby has shippers hopeful. And they have at least one Grey's cast member on their side — April herself, Sarah Drew.
Drew explained to Cosmopolitan, "My heart always moves toward reconciliation. I just want everything to work out and be okay and be happy. I want what's best for this baby in every possible way, and I think the best thing for the baby is for Jackson and April to be together and raise the baby together."
Drew goes on to talk about understanding those who want the split to stick for the pair. But really, the end game has to be a second wedding, this time with their friends and family, and their child as the cutest flower girl and ring bearer ever. April will say something like, "Everything we went through was worth it, because we're finally at the right wedding." Jackson will smile and say something about how he's still going to encourage their kid to question whether there is a god, but April will just laugh and leave the drama to another Grey's couple.

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