This Is What Kids These Days Are Doing With Banana Peels

Photo: Getty Images.
We haven't heard about a viral internet challenge in a while, so naturally it's time for a new one. The latest semi-dangerous activity teens are sharing online revolves around banana peels. But unlike the cinnamon challenge or the milk challenge of years past, the #BananaPeelChallenge doesn't actually involve consuming anything. Instead, teens (inspired by Twitter user Jason Oakes, who TIME magazine reports started the challenge fad) are testing how slippery banana peels are — and recording the results, of course. And if the videos of suddenly supine teens are any indication, this challenge is just as hazardous as slapstick cartoons led us to believe.
Still, despite those obvious hazards (falling hard and fast is not without its risks), there are probably more dangerous ways for a teen to spend her afternoon. If you're skeptical of the banana peel's slippery powers, just remember: These teens were once as skeptical as you. The running theme in the trending videos is the expression of absolute shock when the kids inevitably come tumbling down.

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