This Girl Invented The Only Candy At The White House Easter Egg Hunt

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A 10-year-old girl from Michigan did the unthinkable — she invented a kind of candy that is actually good for your teeth. And in the process, she also managed to find a fan in the president and first lady. Alina Morse created Zollipops three years ago for a very logical reason. "I love candy, but I always knew it was bad for my teeth, " the 5th grader from Wolverine Lake, MI, told People. So, Morse did her research to find a way to enjoy her snacks without having to live at the dentist's office. She even spoke with her dental hygienist to find ingredients that wouldn't be bad for your teeth. While her lollipops contain a few ingredients that don't exactly roll off the tongue — xylitol, erythritol, and stevia — they do "reduce the risk of tooth decay and neutralize acid found in the mouth after a meal." Zollipops, which are available in select Whole Foods, are being trademarked as the "after you eat treat," since they may reduce the risk of cavities. After testing the candy on some kids, who gave it a thumbs-up, Morse decided to invest her savings — $7,500 from her grandparents — to start the company, which she says is expected to triple its sales this year. Morse will use 10% of those prospected earnings to bringing oral hygiene education to schools.

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But don't worry, Morse has found a way to balance her work and still be a kid. "Sometimes, it's a little bit tricky," she told People. "But I spend one-third of my time on playing with my sister and dance class, one-third on homework, and the last third on business." One fun thing she's planning? Attending the White House's annual Easter Egg Roll for the second time. Her Zollipops are the event's only candy, per Michelle Obama's request. No surprise, since the first lady is all about promoting healthy choices when it comes to diet and exercise. "Being invited last year was an incredible honor and it's even more amazing to be invited back this year," Morse said. "I'm most excited to meet lots of people and see kids enjoying Zollipops."

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