5 Things You Never Knew About Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Photo: Courtesy of Nickelodeon.
By now, you've heard all about the return of Legends of the Hidden Temple. Nickelodeon is bringing back the '90s kids' game show in the form of a live-action TV movie. Today, it was announced that original host Kirk Fogg will play a major role in the nostalgic reboot. And while we're wondering exactly what's in store for the upcoming revival, Fogg actually spilled some secrets about the original show in a chat with E! News. The most newsworthy revelation, by far? During the epic final Temple run, one out-of-breath girl actually threw up in the Pit of Despair. "Bless her heart," Fogg said. "We had to shut the show down."
Here are four more tidbits for you:
Getting out of the temple was harder than it looks. It took the athletic Fogg, who grew up playing lots of sports, a full three minutes. "It doesn't look like people are going that fast, but you go through it and you come back...and you're like, 'Oh my, I'm going to die right now.' That's how you feel."
The filming schedule was crazy. They filmed five shows per day, with about 60 contestants taking on the first obstacle, the moat crossing. Fogg said it was "an intensely difficult show to do." Filming usually took about 14 hours and the day ended with a pizza party for the pooped-out contestants. "They were all completely delirious," Fogg said.
A kid fell out of the Temple. "But luckily, he was on the first floor," explains Fogg. Another time, a contestant "actually dropped the Shrine of the Silver Monkey off the edge...It was in three pieces."
There were typically just eight winners a year. We have no trouble believing that.

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