Harper Runs Movie Night At The Beckham Household

David Beckham is more than just a skilled soccer player with dashing good looks. He is also an A-plus dad. In a video for GQ, Beckham reveals what a typical movie night at the Beckham abode is like with his wife, Victoria Beckham, and their children. But it appears that the youngest, Harper, has the most influence. Case in point — the movie Frozen. It appears to be the top movie pick for the four-year-old. "I've probably seen it at least 50 or 60 times," he said, not sounding sick of the songs that are surely fused into his memory. The family also recently watched Spice World a few weeks ago. Harper, ruler of the remote, wanted to watch it, so they all did. Afterwards, Victoria indulged her daughter in a little one-on-one dance session as her role in her girl group, Spice Girls, as Posh Spice. "Victoria sat through it, and then after she did all the moves with her after and sang all the songs," Beckham said. "Victoria is very proud of that." And to answer the burning question on everyone's mind — yes, there is popcorn. So, when can we come over?

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