Is Grooming Your Pubic Hair Bad For You?

There's been a lot of talk about pubic hair maintenance — and it's not always a simple issue for everyone. It's all too easy to let larger trends, a significant other's preferences, or hygiene concerns muddle one's view of his or her own pubes. We almost never stop and think about the fact that, as humans, our pubic hair makes us special. (Yes, really.) The video above, the latest from AsapSCIENCE, informs us that we're the only mammals to grow long, coarse, pubic hair. Feeling blessed all of a sudden? The video also highlights the darker side of grooming your pubes. Shaving can lead to anything from ingrown hairs to cuts that increase your risk of getting an STI. On the bright side, instances of pubic lice have actually decreased since shaving and waxing came into vogue. While no two-minute video can completely resolve the online chatter about pubes, this one will certainly leave you with some fun, NSFW pieces of trivia. And the message it offers is one you should take to heart: When it comes to your own pubic hair, let it grow, if you so wish.

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