Watch This Realistic (Yet Funny) Portrayal Of Unplanned Pregnancy

Every woman who has an abortion experiences it differently, and every woman's experience should be honored. There are trends, however, in women's feelings about choosing the procedure. A 2015 study showed that at all points in the three years after having an abortion, 95% of 670 participants reported that it was the right decision, with the typical participant having a greater than 99% chance of reporting that it was right for her. Relief was the predominant emotion reported. The protagonist of BuzzfeedYellow's sensitive, raw, and funny new video "When Things Don't Go As Planned" shares this emotion when she ends her unplanned pregnancy, which resulted from a one-night stand with "the rando from Bar 66, the one with the single sideburn," in her best friend's generous words. "I don't know how it happened," Ali Vingiano's character tells her BFF, played by Brittany Ashley. "He must have just not told me that the condom broke." "Well, he sounds like a prince," Ashley responds. It's one of many moments of levity in a film that recognizes that, even when abortion is a woman's instant and unequivocal choice, it can still carry emotional weight. Watch the full film above for an honest, touching portrait of a decision that so many women make.

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