Count Dracula's Castle Is Up For Sale

Photo: DeAgostini/Getty Images.
Now you can live like a count. Well, like Count Dracula, anyway.

Bran Castle, built in 1226, was home to the fictional character Dracula from Bram Stoker’s 1897 book. And according to Travel + Leisure, this castle in Romania could be yours. That is, if you have $66 million to spare.

Pros: The castle has 57 bedrooms, picturesque views of Transylvania, and a rich history. Cons: There's no indoor plumbing.

Bran Castle was originally a military fortress built to defend Transylvania. Over the centuries, it's hosted everyone from communists to Teutonic knights to Romanian royalty. Since 2009, the royal family's heirs have been running Bran Castle as one of Romania’s top tourist destinations, hosting over 560,000 visitors a year.

As the owners get older, they're ready to part ways with the castle. They previously attempted to sell back in 2014 for $66 million. But there weren't many bites for a 13th-century castle that doesn't have toilets and has housed the likes of vampires (at least in literature, anyway).

Now, the owners have placed the castle back on the market, looking for new blood. If you're interested in making a move to Transylvania, you can learn more about Bran Castle on its website.

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