This Grey's Anatomy Character's Death Was Actually Foreshadowed In The Pilot

Photo: Bob D'Amico/ Contributor.
It looks like Grey's Anatomy, the show fans keep going back to even as it crushes their hearts over and over, might be kinder than we thought. It's possible that the medical drama has been trying to warn us of all the emotional pain to come, from the beginning.

Fans have already found a clue in the show's second episode that seems to point to McDreamy's eventual demise. But, upon rewatching the pilot, it seems to me that the show foreshadowed another major death.
The show's very first episode features a sweet bonding moment between Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and George (T.R. Knight), as they swap stories about how their parents feel about them becoming surgeons. In a moment of first-day stress, George turns to Meredith to ask her, "We're gonna survive this, right?"

Now, any normal person would assure him that, yes, of course, they were going to get through their time at Seattle Grace in one piece. Everything was going to be fine. It's not like they were going to die or anything. But, Meredith Grey, possibly gazing into the future, stays totally silent.
And then, as fans know, George does not survive Seattle Grace in one piece. Poor, poor 007 is killed after getting hit by a bus in the fifth-season finale. So, Shonda Rhimes might have been looking out for our emotional well-being, all along — we should have known what we were getting into.

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