The Super Sad Reason Laura Prepon Injected Herself With Hormones

Photo: D Dipasupil/Getty Images.
In a recent interview with E! News, Laura Prepon admitted that she once injected herself with hormones in an attempt to lose weight. She just "was so desperate to look a certain way," Prepon explains, but the injections "ultimately just ended up backfiring" anyway. The Orange Is the New Black actress has since developed a healthier body image, but she knows that the pressure to lose weight is still a problem for all women. "I totally understand that young girls [are] torturing themselves with crash diets," she said. In response to that pressure, Prepon urges women everywhere to "truly embrace who you are. Embrace every curve, and embrace everything about yourself." Prepon's honesty couldn't be more refreshing. We're all aware of the impossible standards Hollywood sets for women's bodies, but it's rare that an actress opens up about the real lengths she's gone to fit that mold. We don't know exactly what hormones Prepon used to try to lose weight (and frankly we don't want to know), but it's clear that she took extreme measures. As far as we're concerned, well-being always trumps weight loss.

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